Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pixels by Patrick Jean

I know this is a bit early for a group blog post, so I apologize! I'd like to nail this assignment before I forget and unknowingly unleash utter catastrophe among my fellow classmates and group members ;) Well I guess here's my post unto an exciting art piece,

In this video, pixels are depicted in such a way as that they were, more or less, created in order to express "matter" and "color" in a superficial, yet understandable manner for human and machine perception. Additionally, while watching this video, the word "games" comes into mind; which also has become a major part in the modern world. With that being said, games can be closely associated with a form of art. Simply put, in our current society, pixels have become, in a sense, the "building-blocks" of everyday life; i.e., color code/value, technology and even so far as the literal composition of everyday material objects. Of course that's quite a stretch; however, in my opinion, pixels may be interpreted as the atoms/cells that make up our very world -- in an artificial technological and in a "real" sort of sense. Ultimately, pixels were depicted as "surfacing" and or indirectly "taking-over" the world, therein becoming an important part of society. Oh I almost forgot. I found this video via MSN a long time ago when I inadvertently signed off my email account, so no fancy way to be noted on my "endeavors". Ha,

This video may not really be associated as an "art-piece" -- art is much more than aesthetic appeal of detail and skill; but perhaps about the idea and meaning behind the art piece. So with this video, the real art might be as simple as the conveyed message. Oh and the CG was well done as well :)


-Jerry Huynh

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