Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brian Ewing

Brian Ewing is a talented punk rock artist who makes work for several bands and comic book companies such as Coheed and Cambria and Dark Horse. Ewing's Poster art is very sci-fi/fantasy/punk and is always a delight. Check out some of his work.

Light Battles

Watch some of his other videos also if you have time. Hes a really good film student.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Baptism

Found this picture of a painting by Ariana Papademetropoulos in an article in the LA Times...
At first glance it looks like some sort of struggle between the two, but actually it's a scene from an immersion during a baptism..looking down from above. Loved the way she got the look of the ripples and dispersing water as she goes under!
Ariana has more pictures

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mirror Man

At first people thought mirror man was a street performer but then they found out that he is a man who creates amazing living art in Los Angeles. I found this piece on this website I love this website because it has all kinds of cool modern art to look at.

Vera Brosgol


Monday, November 29, 2010

Jerry Huynh - Group 2 Post: Onimusha 3 Opening (5:46)

For my entry today, I have a 5 minute video found from a game. First off, I am simply amazed in how 3D modeling (CG) has come thus far from what it was a number of decades ago. Now this hasn't spontaneously occurred to me just now, I've been aware of it for quite some time. Anyway, the choreography is stunning and the detail is beyond amazing -- it looks real but at the same time you know that it isn't. I consider this art due to the fact that there was so much effort put into the process (yes I've seen the video how it was made) and how the finished product ended up looking. This is simply the best CG game clip I have seen thus far. Without further rambling,

-Jerry Huynh

Polly Morgan: Modern Taxidermist

Polly Morgan is a modern taxidermist who combines simplistic and contemporary features with real birds and mammals. Her work spills out of the usual kitschy taxidermy mold and into the realm of art where her work speaks for itself in its stark symbolism.

-Lauren :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Phil Hansen

I remember seeing this Zegerid OTC commercial on Tv
there was this dude painting his chest,
BUT This guy does it wayyyy better.

"The Mona Greasa"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Historical Glass Museum

Did you know that there is a historical glass museum in Redlands? It's address is 1157 Orange St.
They have all kinds of antique glass dishes as well as some interesting sculptures made out of glass. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My alternate ego

I do a lot more than just draw. One thing i love to do is make movies. This movie was a chance for me to see what i can do. There was a lot of art involved in this video. I made every prop, i choreographed the fight and i directed the filming. This was an entry for a video contest that i won. Its a little cheesy and maybe a little childish, but it was fun and i think we can all enjoy it.

this is a link to my channel which will lead you to some of my other videos. I make videos about what ever i want.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Katrine Kiilerich

Katrine Kiilerich is a rather unknown artist from Denmark. She is an Animator fresh from the Animation Workshop in Denmark and she has had her part in many indie/underground projects. Kiilrich mostly works with Stop Motion animation, but she's played the field. Here is some of her work.

Deviant Art. Vitaly:S:Alexius

Æon Flux

Æon Flux was created by Korean American animator Peter Chung. It is set in the not too distant future where anything is possible. This short series explores morality in a future where such things may not be needed, and also blurs the lines of what is good and evil. A must see for anyone who loves animation. All sixteen episodes are free to watch online. Just click here.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Robert Cuoghi, The Simpsons, and Bowie????

I have loved The Simpsons for over 20yrs, even b4 my kids were's one of the best written shows on TV! Here's a little art song from a Simpson's episode "Elementary School Musical" ..Jermaine and Bret, Aka."Flight of the Conchords" guest starred as Lisa's art camp counselors....

More Simpson I was doing my research paper, I came upon pictures from Italian artist Roberto Coughi, who is one of the artists featured in our Vitamin D book, and found a few pictures looking very similar to the Simpsons...

Roberto Cuoghi's artwork is going on display at the Hammer, from Jan.22 thru May 15, 2011...10899 Wilshire Bl. Los Angeles, CA.

check out two of Roberto's Simpson-like pictures and tons of bowie artwork....@

PS...there's quite an artistic fascination with Bowie...Elizabeth Peyton has a Bowie portrait in the Vitamin D book....maybe it's that hazel eye/brown eye thing he's got going on....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

francis bacon

Francis Bacon does crazy portraits using the old masters as starting points. He portrays the images as tortured and messed up. I think his work is amazing and reflects the tortured man Bacon was.

Monday, November 8, 2010

James Jean

Acrylic on wood panels
12 x 24"

Acrylic, oil and pastel on two canvases
60 x 96"

suburban nature

It is strange, interesting, and amazing to personally know an artist without knowing them. A few weeks ago, I found out that a man I knew was an artist, and to be matter-of-factly, a well known artist of this area. I know him as Paulden while others know him by his last name, Evans. Paulden Evans has been creating art for 10 years, as well as being a general contractor who builds custom homes. Evans makes us look at the familiar in new ways by playing with, and sometimes even contradicting, our expectations of how art should look and behave. His large-scale paintings, in oil enamel and metal are abstract, as he uses metal rather than canvas as his medium, coating the surface with layers of pigment. The top layers are cracked as with age or tectonic movement so that the bottom layers show through, creating unexpected flickers of color, reminiscent of specks of ore or jewels.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ed Bing Lee.

Ed Bing Lee is an artist from Philadelphia who has been knitting for 25 years .He uses the style of macramé( a knotted technique other then weaving or knitting) to make food items. It all very's from as you see in the photograph burgers to ice cream cones and pies. He has many other collections such as knitting home decor and square patterns for walls. I think his work is pretty interesting, I'm very glad I stumbled upon it on a little blog named Crazy Junkyard.

Here is his website and the other knitted food items on the Blog.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boston dynamics Big Dog bot

The Most Advanced Rough-Terrain Robot on Earth

BigDog is the alpha male of the Boston Dynamics robots. It is a rough-terrain robot that walks, runs, climbs and carries heavy loads. BigDog is powered by an engine that drives a hydraulic actuation system. BigDog has four legs that are articulated like an animal’s, with compliant elements to absorb shock and recycle energy from one step to the next. BigDog is the size of a large dog or small mule; about 3 feet long, 2.5 feet tall and weighs 240 lbs.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Group 2: Jerry Huynh -- Filmmaker fills tree with money for social experiment

Basically I had received this video in an email from a source and I found it to be rather intriguing. Now it is not a work of art as you all are accustomed to seeing, but it's art of the idea or concept behind the experiment. I thought it was a great idea and here it is,

"A social experiment on the streets of Chicago leads to surprising results."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stop Motion Music

Can't play an instrument? Try it this way.

Lasse Gjertsen is the creator of this animation

Jamie Vasta hearts Caravaggio!

Artist Jamie Vasta's homage to Caravaggio!

Makeup = Art?

Can makeup be considered a type of artform?

I was watching the Tim Burton version of Alice and Wonderland the other day and I thought that the way he portrayed the Mad Hatter was very interesting, not just the crazy hair and outfit but the way his face looked, it was very different and I thought it was kind of cool. Then I started to think of all the movies that Johnny Depp has been in and how the Makeup and fashion that he wore made him odviously look different to fit the role, but how they create a brand of that character.
Then Holloween rolled around and well I didn't have a costume :( but I still wanted to do something! So I'm listening to my Paramore Brand New Eyes album and I notice the butterfly on the cover! So i look up Monarch butterflies then I get the idea to draw the wings over my eyes like a masquerade mask. I use the makeup from my cramped makeup bag to create the look that I was very proud of:) And when I went to my neighbors lil shin-dig with my mama, alot of the people noticed, and gave me lots of compliments on my look, then my mom called me her lil artist. Then I though I created a type of art through my makeup??

This holloween I didn't see not even one person dressed like the orginal Mad Hatter from the Disney cartoon. The Tim Burton one was much more unique looking and very colorful. So I know that when you think makeup you think of girls who where there mascara and eyeliner everyday or else they'll explode (like myself) hehe. But is it also another kind of media to make real art?

I think so.

Oh and I realize I didn't pick a definate artist for this blog so I will say that Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors for the characters he creates and the stories he turns into movies:). I love the way some of his movies reflects a kind of innocence in the dark. And how the way the movies look in the first place!

old man M.C. Escher


While searching for art I came across this picture. It is a sculpture made entirely out of legos. I've seen lego sculptures before and didn't give much thought to them, but when i saw this one it caught my eye. I'm impressed with the amount of emotion that is able to be conveyed with plastic blocks. The colors chosen are not some coincidences.
Every kid has played with legos and this is something we couldn't even dream of. I think what makes it great is the familiarity we all have with the building material. Who would have thought that such curvature and space could be created using square bricks? Who would have thought that something so beautiful could be made with a child's toy?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Simon Tofield is best known for his "Simon's Cat" videos on youtube.
They are so simple, but they relate so well to cat owners everywhere.

Here is his official website:

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz

uses ball point pens to create photo realistic drawings

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Arthur Ganson

Is't it ironic? James

Spooky Pop

Artist: Doctor A (Real name: Bruce Whistlecraft).

Doktor A is best-known in the UK as the former synth player and sampler for EBM band Goteki which he was in from 2000 to 2004. He was also the co-owner/proprietor of the gallery/shop Arkham in Brighton, which sold items related to the Goth subculture, such as clothing, music,toys and comic books.

He now lives in Yorkshire, and concentrates on his artwork. Trained in model making, his artwork has been influenced by steampunk and Victoriana, often incorpoarating flourishes like rusted metals, Brass or rivets. He is currently a gallery artist working mostly in the Art Toy genre. He produces paintings and objects primarily in the Victorian Futurist style and has a range of his own characters called "Mechtorians".

Claudia Cotrutza

Claudia is a Romanian immigrant, who fled the communist Ceausescu regime in 1984. Found her story in the LA Times 8/30/10. She has several paintings that incorporate her experiences living under a repressive government, run by a dictator. One painting called "Brainwashing" shows a faucet spewing meaningless rhetoric over an exposed brain. The phrases are taken from an actual speech of Ceausescu's, he delivered in 1989, 3 days after students had been fired on at a anti-govt. protest.

Her gallery is located at: 446 S. Main St. Los Angeles, CA

In the spirit of Halloween...

Zombie babies?

prometheus and bob

claymation/stop motion segment featuring the camera-recorded mission logs of Prometheus, an alien who comes to Earth attempting to teach a caveman. The shows creator, writter and animator did the voices of each charactor.
Creator: Cote Zellers

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tom Deininger: Junk or Art?

Tom Deininger is a Boston born artist who works with trash as a medium. Deininger uses found objects to create magnificent sculptures, paintings, and installations. Take a look at some of his junk.

Mark Ryden

In these incredibly surrealistic and whimsical oil paintings, Mark Ryden creates eerie depictions of little girls and creatures - all in pastel. He's been a favorite of mine for years.

Natural Art

Here's a lovely piece done by a young man that goes to my church...
I really like it, hope you all do too.

Click here!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Paper Sculptor Megan Brain

Megan Brain is a paper sculptor who works primarily with paper, "cartoon color" cell vinyl, acrylic paint, and strong glue.