Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amazing Jimi Hendrix Painting by David Garibaldi

I love all the "art to music" type youtube videos everyone has posted.....

found one I especially liked...ah, the groovy 60's and Jimi !!!!

It takes me hours to do one little class project and yet these guys need just a couple of minutes!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition

U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition
have freaking amazing sand art in southern California in imperial beach and 1st place winners win lots of moolaw!


Banksy is an amazing street artist who uses stencils to quickly spray paint a piece of work on sides of buildings, trains, roofs, etc. He also modifies pieces of work, such as he transformed a dolphin ride and made it covered in a net and BP oil spilling out underneath. I think his work is amazing cause its daring and all the pieces have some sort of meaning, not just tags and graffiti on a wall.

Clever Title Goes Here.


Nicoletta Ceccoli

A current day Italian artist who recentaly grabbed my attention in an online art blog happened upon a month or two ago. While Ceccoli is gaining recognition as a painter, she is already well known as an award winning children’s book illustrator. She has published many books in Italy, the US, and the UK.
I think the main reason I like her work is how she combines reality with thought. The mind is a curious thing and it often mistakes the impossible for the usual. Her work takes things 'figurative' to literal. And I absolutely love the way she paints in such pale, macabre colors.

"Bride Copia"


Monday, September 27, 2010

Jim Lambie!

Artist Jim Lambie!


At this moment as I post this blog, I am literally drawing a blank on who this artist is. On my computer I had a bunch of pictures that the artist has done where the subjects contain the realistic form of animals combined with the dead, roting form of humans. However, my computer battery pack is frayed, and hence, my computer will only shock me and not turn on. So pardon me not remembering, but once I remember, I would love to share more of his work with you. So well you are at it, enjoy the piece that I do have.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Julian Beever sidewalk art

Julian Beever has been a "sidewalk" artist for over ten years, and has traveled all over the world. He is often hired as a performance artist and to create murals for companies as well, I think his work is beautiful, the way he can make a flat surface look pretty much three dimensional is amazing to me. I hope to see him create one of his pieces soon.

Jerry Huynh [Group 2]: Paintball Pop Art with Marilyn Monroe

Art, one of the many aspects of life that have become very contingent/reliant upon interpretation in order to be accepted or properly understood. Of course, a person can interpret a meaning in a piece completely different from another persons'; but isn't that a good thing that a piece can have several different meanings? Well enough of that "artsy-fartsy" stuff, let's enjoy a good video of paintball shall we? Since it is a video, no more explanation is really needed other than to watch and get some "eye-candy". No pop corn please :)

Having watched that video, aren't you surprised just as much as I am? Paintball, a very aggressive sport being combined with art -- that's just an unbelievable duo,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Person Tetris

marc silvestri

Marc Silvestri, (born on March 29 1958), is an American comic book artist, creator and publisher. Born in Palm Beach, Florida, Silvestri began his career at Marvel Comics. Top Cow successes include the titles Witchblade, The Darkness.

Quick Thinking

Spray Paint artist takes only 39 seconds to paint in this piece
I counted 40 (he had to sign it)

American influence on Japanese animation and vice versa

Not many Americans realize that early Japanese animation was HEAVILY influenced by early American animation. In fact, the reason that anime characters have big eyes is because American animators depicted characters with big eyes. Japan was largely isolationist until the late 1800's and early 1900's. When Japan opened its borders to Westerners, it adopted and improved 200 years worth of Western technology in 50 years. Animated cartoons were part of this technology.

Here is an example of 1930's Japanese animation:

Here is an example of 1930's American animation:

They are actually very similarly drawn aren't they? Actually, Disney was probably the greatest foreign influence on early anime. Ancient Japanese art and history mixed with American technology and style to give anime a style all its own since the 1930's. Here is a short video showing how anime style has changed over the years:

Now, it seems that anime is coming back and is now influencing American animation.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Séraphine de Senlis

"Walking a tightrope between ecstasy and mental illness."

She started out as just a simple poor women in France who was a hardworking housemaid by day and was an artist by candlelight. She was discovered by a German art collector, Wilhelm Uhde. She was inspired by her religious beliefs and the world that surrounded her. Her paintings are also said to be a reflection of her mental illness. She passed away in a mental institute in 1942 (but Uhde had claimed she died in 1934). Her paintings were said to be ahead of her time and seem to represent the beginning of abstract floral paintings.

Freddie W

this video is called Flower Warfare. It isn't a eloquent, beautiful masterpiece, but it is done incredibly well. Not only are the effects spectacular, but the camera work is very nice. Freddie W started out making videos just for fun and has built his talent and reputation and now has 538,000 subscribers. he uses adobe premiere which, although expensive, is somewhat basic, showing that you don't have to work for some huge company to make great movies.

for this video he had to make all his own special effects. check it out in the behind the scenes

Elizabeth McGrath: Tears of the Crocodile

Along with her brilliantly grotesque and beautiful sculptures, Liz McGrath also does watercolors and dioramas depicting freakshow-esque creatures and characters. I love how she allows the animals in her work to have such human qualities...look closely; some of them even have tattoos ;)

-Lauren Kane


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

hope you enjoy this

marilyn monroe,r:1,s:0
Just wanted to let you know about Downtown Fullerton's Art Walk. It's held the 1st Friday of every month. Next one is on Oct. 1 at 6pm. Located in downtown Fullerton. 30 local art venues and plenty of restuarants. website: for maps and more info.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years.

I'm sure everyone has seen this at some point in time or have watched a parody of it. I watched this video for the first time about four years ago and I have been following Noah Kalina and his photos ever since. What blows me away about this video is Noah's constant unchanging stare. It feels almost as if you can stare directly into his soul and like he stares into yours as well without any barriers.

Noah started taking a photo of himself every day in 2000 and made this video in 2006. He continued taking photos of himself even after his video was completed. You can find the rest of his photos on his website:

Inspiring Photography

I love to take pictures so photography is generally inspirational to me. I love what a single photograph can capture.
I think that the photography of Toby Keller is stunning and that he truly captures amazing shots of motion in his photographs. I love the colors, the vividity, and just the overall images that he is able to capture.



Theo Jansen creates kinetic sculptures powered only by wind. They are like living, breathing animals. His dream is to release a herd of these wind powered creatures out on the beaches, and let them live. This is one of the most inspiring, awsome things I've seen in a long time.

Here's a link to his site. Theo Jansen Strandbeest


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Naoto Hattori

I selected this artist for his surreal art and werid imagination. I also think that his art pieces are stunning, eye catching and very out of the ordinary. I strongly suggest you go and see his art in person because its freakin awesome!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lozenge and Exploring by Kelly Vivanco

Both of these paintings are oil on canvas. I like them because they are fun and simple with beautiful colors and heavy outlines. I especially like how the reds of the lozenge in the first picture are echoed in the rest of the work and out onto the frame.

When I was looking around I found an interview she did online where she said that her paintings weren't full of "fancy meaning."

Other works by Kelly Vivanco here.

Painting Stories. Art by Remedios Varo.

Oil painting done by Remedios Varo
"Exploration of the Source of the Orinoco" painted in 1959
The image also links to a gallery of her work.

I happened upon her work in a small gallery in Mexico and was absolutely astounded by the depth put into every painting. It wasn't simply the details and textures, but the stories and symbolism put into each piece.

"The Thread"

Just another picture that sparks a story and questions. The abstractness in her characters, settings, and use of props is absolutely inspiring and sparks the imagination. In this particular painting, I really enjoy her use of colors. It's almost as though the woman is pulling life or "inner imagination" out of a person who has faded into a dull existence with the rest of the world they are in. Or maybe she's looking for a place inside of some one... versus looking for someone inside a place. The idea brings the thread to question: What would it be needed for? Perhaps a heart string.

Monday, September 6, 2010

fake palindromes

i enjoy the unusual, unrealistic, imaginative forms of life, and for allyson mellberg, she creates these interpretive, speculative, transparent pieces where she uses ingredients from her garden. her pieces enable nature to not only be the source, but also the force. she works with egg tempera and home-made walnut ink. many of her pieces also reflect the distruction of beauty and appearance that society has long created. in some of her work, her figures have facial growths or blisters, which were inspired by the harmful parabens found in beauty products.
allyson mellberg's art work is beautiful to me because she uses the force of nature to coexist with humans and our environment.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Charlie Isoe

Charlie Isoe does many beautiful and disturbing pieces. He does paintings on huge canvas and also does street art. He uses a wide variety of media such as charcoal. oil. and even blood.

I interpret his pieces as expressing the duality and the tortured soul of man.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dan Dunn..Paintjam

Dan Dunn is an extraordinary artist who paints his pieces in all different directions, he uses a huge square canvas and turns it in circles both ways as he works. I think that all of his art work is just so beautiful, and i find it really interesting that he can constantly be turning his canvas and know were the start and finish of the piece is.

Dan's painting professor,would tell him, “Dan, you can paint until the day you drop. When your hand gets a little shakey, you just tell them it’s a new technique!”

Pixels by Patrick Jean

I know this is a bit early for a group blog post, so I apologize! I'd like to nail this assignment before I forget and unknowingly unleash utter catastrophe among my fellow classmates and group members ;) Well I guess here's my post unto an exciting art piece,

In this video, pixels are depicted in such a way as that they were, more or less, created in order to express "matter" and "color" in a superficial, yet understandable manner for human and machine perception. Additionally, while watching this video, the word "games" comes into mind; which also has become a major part in the modern world. With that being said, games can be closely associated with a form of art. Simply put, in our current society, pixels have become, in a sense, the "building-blocks" of everyday life; i.e., color code/value, technology and even so far as the literal composition of everyday material objects. Of course that's quite a stretch; however, in my opinion, pixels may be interpreted as the atoms/cells that make up our very world -- in an artificial technological and in a "real" sort of sense. Ultimately, pixels were depicted as "surfacing" and or indirectly "taking-over" the world, therein becoming an important part of society. Oh I almost forgot. I found this video via MSN a long time ago when I inadvertently signed off my email account, so no fancy way to be noted on my "endeavors". Ha,

This video may not really be associated as an "art-piece" -- art is much more than aesthetic appeal of detail and skill; but perhaps about the idea and meaning behind the art piece. So with this video, the real art might be as simple as the conveyed message. Oh and the CG was well done as well :)


-Jerry Huynh