Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Painting Stories. Art by Remedios Varo.

Oil painting done by Remedios Varo
"Exploration of the Source of the Orinoco" painted in 1959
The image also links to a gallery of her work.

I happened upon her work in a small gallery in Mexico and was absolutely astounded by the depth put into every painting. It wasn't simply the details and textures, but the stories and symbolism put into each piece.

"The Thread"

Just another picture that sparks a story and questions. The abstractness in her characters, settings, and use of props is absolutely inspiring and sparks the imagination. In this particular painting, I really enjoy her use of colors. It's almost as though the woman is pulling life or "inner imagination" out of a person who has faded into a dull existence with the rest of the world they are in. Or maybe she's looking for a place inside of some one... versus looking for someone inside a place. The idea brings the thread to question: What would it be needed for? Perhaps a heart string.

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