Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Makeup = Art?

Can makeup be considered a type of artform?

I was watching the Tim Burton version of Alice and Wonderland the other day and I thought that the way he portrayed the Mad Hatter was very interesting, not just the crazy hair and outfit but the way his face looked, it was very different and I thought it was kind of cool. Then I started to think of all the movies that Johnny Depp has been in and how the Makeup and fashion that he wore made him odviously look different to fit the role, but how they create a brand of that character.
Then Holloween rolled around and well I didn't have a costume :( but I still wanted to do something! So I'm listening to my Paramore Brand New Eyes album and I notice the butterfly on the cover! So i look up Monarch butterflies then I get the idea to draw the wings over my eyes like a masquerade mask. I use the makeup from my cramped makeup bag to create the look that I was very proud of:) And when I went to my neighbors lil shin-dig with my mama, alot of the people noticed, and gave me lots of compliments on my look, then my mom called me her lil artist. Then I though I created a type of art through my makeup??

This holloween I didn't see not even one person dressed like the orginal Mad Hatter from the Disney cartoon. The Tim Burton one was much more unique looking and very colorful. So I know that when you think makeup you think of girls who where there mascara and eyeliner everyday or else they'll explode (like myself) hehe. But is it also another kind of media to make real art?

I think so.

Oh and I realize I didn't pick a definate artist for this blog so I will say that Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors for the characters he creates and the stories he turns into movies:). I love the way some of his movies reflects a kind of innocence in the dark. And how the way the movies look in the first place!

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